Our Mission

La Casa del Sorriso is dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of people with disabilities, especially in the developmental age. It takes care of children and young people, both with pathological conditions of extreme severity (such as vegetative states and pluriminorations), and with less serious situations, at psychopathological risk or social disadvantage. Our Association takes care of various services, including, the reception of children with serious family hardship waiting for foster or adoption, children and adolescents alone or with socio-environmental discomfort in small communities or in households, professional and university training of operators of services to people, awareness and promotion of the culture of social inclusion.

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EVENT OF THE MONTH: "Tablet with exercises and computer support to promote learning at school"
Research and new technologies to support the study at the center of the conference, free and open to all, to be held in Piacenza on 15 May. Research on Specific Learning Disorders has allowed us to develop technologies and methodologies to support ever more versatile and sophisticated reading, writing and study. In particular, at the Piacenza - La Casa del Sorriso, projects are under way in which technological applications offer new opportunities to support the pathways of scholastic learning.

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Support Us

Every year, 870,000 benefits are provided in the Rehabilitation Centers of La Casa del Sorriso in favor of over 20,000 patients, especially the disabled. Individuals and companies can offer their own contribution by choosing the most suitable donation tool, also in terms of tax benefits.

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Work with us

The volunteering that we propose is mainly based on the interpersonal relationship between children, young people, young people with disabilities, parents and the volunteer: you do not need to be experts or have a particular professionalism, what matters is to be willing to get involved in an experience of listening, sharing and closeness.

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